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Thursday, November 20, 2014

26 weeks

It's been a while since I've posted and so much has happened. First, IT'S A GIRL! We're super excited! Knowing the gender just makes it all the more real. We known for a while. We found out a few ways:
1. CCRM now tells the gender when you "graduate" from being a CCRM pt to a "normal" pregnant woman under the sole care of your OB/midwife. It's a girl! (they would not, btw, tell me the sex of the 2 embies that didn't survive the other two transfers)
2. I took the Maternity21 screening because yet again my baby wouldn't cooperate with the NT u/s to test for trisomies. The Maternity21 screen not only tells you whther you may have trisomies (Obi doesn't) but also gender. Confirmed it's a girl.
3. Week 20 u/s confirmed yet again it's a girl. We got to see her "girl parts" (the "technical term" used by the u/s tech).

Here's a pic from the Week 20 u/w:
I had an OB appt today. All is well. No u/s, but I got to hear the heartbeat (151). I also had my 1 hr glucose screening. It was negative! Whoooo-hoooo! For #1, I failed it and had to do the 3-hr fasting test. It was awful! I met up with DH afterward and almost single-handedly ate an entire Indian buffet. DH said he had never really understood "ravenous" until he saw me eat after that test. So relieved I don't have to do it again!

Pregnancy going along well, which is at least partially why I don't post much. I'm still REALLY tired. So tired in fact that my OB tested me for anemia and Vit D deficiency about a month ago. All normal for a pregnant woman. So I'm just 39 and pregnant, working full-time and spending time with my amazing 2 year old. So, yeah, I'm tired. Otherwise, though, pregnancy pretty easy. No pain. Get to feel Obi move quite a bit during the day. DH has felt and seen her move, so it's exciting for us both. Doing pre-natal yoga every Sat at a birth center in town. Love it!