Countdown to meeting Obi!

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Monday, obi decided that was enough bed rest. I went into labor at 2pm and I was having contractions every 3 min and dilated to 5 cm by 4pm. She was transverse so has to have another csection. Obi was born at 5:59pm. 7#7oz and 20" long. 

Due to complications (my uterus clamped down around obi making it tough to get her so ob had to make "anchor" incision on uterus), I shouldn't get preg again and if I do, it'll be a very high risk birth in which they would need to avoid labor bc my uterus won't be able to handle it. Luckily we were pretty sure we were done. And that dx makes it official. 

Otherwise obi and I doing ok. She's been in nicu due to low O2 then low glucose. By day 2, O2 ok and they are weaning her off glucose. However she developed jaundice. She was transferred to another hospital with larger nicu for treatment. The new nicu had couch/bed so I can stay with her and continue bf. bf going really well!

Day 3: she has weaned off glucose altogether as of this am. She continues to be treated for jaundice with phototherapy.

Day 4: weaned off iv and phototherapy. Released!! Home!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Week 36

Baby looks great! Movement, practice breathing, and blood flow all look great!

My Bp is still high (162/80, considered severe hypertension). Baby still breech. They found some reasons she might be breech. The placenta placement (anterior placenta) and that I have a "band" of maybe scar tissue from the csection or a "double bubble" at my cervix. The band is nothing to worry about but may explain why the baby hasn't turned. I forgot to ask the ob whether they can do a version to try to turn her but found out later that they usually don't do versions for vbacs and esp of there's an anterior placenta. So it looks like there are several factors working against her turning and in favor of a section. 

In good news I can talk walks around block and do yoga at home as it may decrease my Bp.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bed rest

I just spent most of day in labor and delivery being monitored. I have either gestational hypertension or early stage of preeclampsia. Baby is fine. I went in because I'm having wicked round ligament pain. Turns out I also have wicked high Bp (158/85).

So I'm on modified bed rest until baby comes. No more work. No more walks. At home can cook and shower but not much else. Fun times!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

34 weeks

Had an ultrasound this am. First since 20 week. So good to see her again!

Baby looks good. 5# so smaller than #1 was at this point (65% so not huge). Practicing breathing and all organs look good. Amniotic fluid good. Unfortunately, she's breech though. The good news is we have some time for her to turn.

In other unexpected news, I've dialated 1 cm and lost my mucus plug. The ob doesn't think I'm going to go into labor soon though because the baby hasn't dropped yet. She said that if I do go into labor they won't do anything to stop it at this point in my pregnancy. So fingers crossed little obi stays and cooks a few more weeks.