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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Week 36

Baby looks great! Movement, practice breathing, and blood flow all look great!

My Bp is still high (162/80, considered severe hypertension). Baby still breech. They found some reasons she might be breech. The placenta placement (anterior placenta) and that I have a "band" of maybe scar tissue from the csection or a "double bubble" at my cervix. The band is nothing to worry about but may explain why the baby hasn't turned. I forgot to ask the ob whether they can do a version to try to turn her but found out later that they usually don't do versions for vbacs and esp of there's an anterior placenta. So it looks like there are several factors working against her turning and in favor of a section. 

In good news I can talk walks around block and do yoga at home as it may decrease my Bp.

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